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Racing equipment - 1997 BMW M3-R

Or, "Where'd all my money go THIS time?!"

Motor racing, even at this level, is a ridiculously expensive hobby. The following businesses have provided greatly-appreciated discounts on goods and/or services:

1997 BMW M3 race car




  • Ceramic-coated stainless-steel headers
  • Lohman Designs pipes
  • All emissions equipment removed


  • Brad Penn 20W-50 partial synthetic (engine)
  • Red Line MTL (transmission)
  • Red Line 75W90 (diff)
  • Motul RBF 600 (brakes/clutch)
  • Red Line Water Wetter & distilled water (radiator)
  • Chevron 92 and Sunoco 100 fuels


  • FiberArtz fiberglass body kit (front/rear bumpers, doors, fenders/quarters)
  • Carbon fiber hood & rear deck from MA Shaw
  • M3 EVO-style adjustable-pitch carbon fiber rear spoiler from MA Shaw
  • Fiberglass headlight blank and intake duct from MA Shaw
  • Lexan windows from MA Shaw
  • Cantrell Motorsports aluminum front splitter and undertray


 2565lbs (fueled, without driver)


  • Moton 3-way coilovers (high-/low-speed compression plus rebound)
  • Eibach race springs
  • Ground Control adjustable rear control arms
  • Ground Control rear swaybar end links
  • TMS World Challenge adjustable sway bars
  • Solid bushings
  • E30 M3 front control arms
  • E36 M3 Lightweight X-brace
  • -4° front camber, -2.5° rear



  • D-Force LTW5 wheels, 18x9.5
  • H&R 20mm aluminum/magnesium spacers
  • Nitto NT01 tires, 275/35-18
  • Mount and balance by KD Motorsports


  • Fuel Safe fuel cell (25 gallon)
  • Halon fire system (3 nozzles)
  • AFFF handheld extinguisher
  • 8-point cage with NASCAR-style door bars, tied to front/rear suspension and differential
  • Schroth Profi-II 6-point harness
  • Window net
  • Hood pins (4), deck clips (2)
  • Cutoff switch

Driver interface

  • Stack ST8100 programmable display w/shift light
  • OMP fiberglass seat
  • Sparco "Ring" wheel w/quick release
  • AMB TranX260 DP direct-wired transponder
  • Blind Apex lap timer
  • Motorola CP-200 radios
  • Carbon fiber switch panel (toggles for master power, MoTeC, fuel pump, wiper, corner lights, diff pump, fan, and ABS; pushbutton starter; 4 buttons for switching among the Stack display settings; fuel cell gauge)
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